Roast beef salad with red onion and tomatoes
490 rub.
Vegetable salad with Kakhetian sunflower oil
390 rub.
Salad made from cucumbers and tomatoes with nuts
470 rub.
Spinach, cheese and sweet pepper salad
360 rub.

Green salad with tomatoes, goat milk cheese and tsitsmati pesto
470 rub.
Green salad with chicken liver and fig dressing
440 rub.
Green salad with plums and nuts with chicken breast
460 rub.
Green salad with plums and nuts
290 rub.

Baked beetroot with sheep cheese, eggplant and corn sauce
330 rub.
490 rub.
Kinzmari - spinach salad with perch and zucchini with coriander dressing
470 rub.